Anjou Villages Brissac


Anjou Villages Brissac

This AOC was born in 1997 in the area of the Aubance. Cabernet franc gives it its finesse and velvety structure. Cabernet Sauvignon gives a powerfull robustness and a great wealth of tannins


100% Cabernet Sauvignon 

Food pairing 

It goes well with red meats (beef ribs), game (wild boar or venison) and strong cheeses. Do not hesitate to try it on dark chocolate too

Terroir & Vines

The grapes used to come from parcels that have been rigorously delimited and selected according to their ability to produce great wines

Our advices 

This wine is predisposing to become an excellent wine of guard 

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 HVE  certified

HVE certified

56 hectares  of vines

56 hectares of vines

Present in  France

Present in France

Two  brands

Two brands