Cabernet d'Anjou Collection n°2


Cabernet d'Anjou Collection n°2

This wine is atypical in its design and its purpose is unique. We want a new direction for this AOC where tenderness must support the structure of the wine.

Food pairing 

It will suprise you with unusual dishes of gastronomy, such as a filet of sole lacquered with citrus, green risotto, foie gras with figs, eggplant caviar, tuna maki; tiramisu strawberry, mashed melon and crisps of ham...

Terreoir & Vines

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine comes from one of our beautiful parcels of Notre Dame d'Allençon. The subsoil is mainly in gravel which makes it a difficult field of production. 

Our advices

Our Cabernet d'Anjou Collection n°2 has a clear and luminous dress it manages to exhale a bright nose in citrus . Our taste buds are awakened by the recognition of grapefruit flavor. 

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 HVE  certified

HVE certified

56 hectares  of vines

56 hectares of vines

Present in  France

Present in France

Two  brands

Two brands