Coteaux de l'Aubance


Coteaux de l'Aubance

It has a beautiful and lively aromatic richnes; litchis accompany the floral aromas of linden and lemongrass. A harmonized structures, with a smooth & dynamic creamines and a finish toned by liveliness, makes this wine a complex and harmonious sweet wine. 


100% Chenin 

Food Pairing 

Serve chilled, it will suprise in the accompaniment of a foie gras or a fish with butter or cream

Terroir & Vines

Aubance is a small tributar of the Loire. At Brissac Quincé, it cuts a schistose plateau which after the erosion of the slopes of Aubance by Aubance and the Loire, forms small hillsides of varied exhibitions. IT 

Our advices

It can be preserved for 5 years, but it will express more its fruity aromas in its youth

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 HVE  certified

HVE certified

56 hectares  of vines

56 hectares of vines

Present in  France

Present in France

Two  brands

Two brands