Coteaux du Layon


Coteaux du Layon

The vineyard of Coteaux du Layon is located on hillsides well exposed and ventilated with the presence of morning mists that favorize the "noble rot"

This sweet wine is scented, elegant and nervous.


100% Chenin 

Food Pairing 

Perfect in aperitif, with foie gras or meat with creamy sauce. 

Terroir & Vine

The vineyard is located on the south-eastern part of the Armorican Massif, mainly composed of shale.

This formations give moderately deep brown soils of dark color and constitute the black Anjou.

The Vine are planted on hill with high pitch.

Our advices

Serve it fresh but not struck, you'd better drink the wine during its first year.

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 HVE  certified

HVE certified

56 hectares  of vines

56 hectares of vines

Present in  France

Present in France

Two  brands

Two brands