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 Setting up for preserve the natural balance

  1. Sustainable farming:

Reasoned fight is a work in controlling interventions according to several criteria: climate, soil, for ecological purposes.

  •       Protect the environment and his habitat.
  •       Adapting fertility needs of the plant while respecting the natural environment.
  •       Reduce herbicide use to a minimum.
  •       Provide a quality and optimal maturation of the grape by controlling the strength and good exposure to the light clusters.
  •       Get the best quality grapes possible in terms of health status and maturity, while limiting the use of pesticides.

2. Grassing total: Inter rank and headland

The vineyard is grassed in full. Beyond the obvious advantage of water regulation, this technique can provide natural compost in the vineyard. This allows an ecological living which encourages the development of many predatory species of vine parasites such as ladybugs and thyflodromes.

  •       On the ground: by reducing erosion and runoff water, improving the structure of biological life and better soil health, plant protection products filtration (treatment on the vine) and facilitating their degradation.
  •       Plant: by reducing the force on strains, a decline in performance and therefore improve the potential quality of grapes and a deeper rooting.
  •       Parasite context: by reducing the force, we reduces the risk of diseases including the development of the bad botrytis. We promote the development of auxiliary by using natural plant hosts.

3. Reuse of rainwater: for washing agricultural equipment.

4. Vineyards very close to the winery: less travel and less fuel consumption.

Cellar: Waste recoveryandrecycling.

  •       Setting up of HACCP control.
  •       Wastewater from the cellar recovered and dealt by spreading on land with a high level of filtration,
  •       lees and grape marc are distilled by the local distillery.
  •       Modern technologies and equipment cellar which promoting gains of using water and electricity. Using a tangential filter limiting inputs (no filtration product and utilization of water for washing is lower). Decalcifying by the steam to limit the use of highly polluting descaling.
  •       Waste plastics, cardboard recycled by local recycling.


  •       Setting up of HACCP.
  •       Supplier Certified label "imprim'vert" promote natural adhesives and inks.
  •       Use of recycled paperboard for packaging.
  •       Use only cork corks.
  •       Recycled glass bottles.


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